SIMAMM International (Pvt.) Ltd. is a leading paper distributor, commercial printer and pressroom equipment & stationery supplier that specializes in paper, pulp and wood products as well as manufacturing and selling of academic books, spiral subject registers, wedding cards, catalogues, annual reports etc. Since its creation, SIMAMM has been providing its customers in Pakistani market with the best paper and board products in the world, manufactured by major paper mills from Europe, North/South America and Southeast Asia. Our customer base is very diverse. We have been serving corrugators, printers, merchants and retailers all over Pakistan.

As a commercial printer, paper trader and retailer, we believe that clients deserve the best of service and quality that we can provide, and to achieve that, it is our responsibility to constantly update our skills and knowledge. We also believe that projects are born from equal partnerships that require understanding and compromise, so that each party benefits mutually from it. To ensure business longevity, we constantly seek to engage with other businesses with the same values and outlook as ours. To every new client who decides to enter into a partnership with us, remember that we are always on your side. To us, business is personal. In a good way. Each project is treated with care and attention; flaws are picked out and rough edges are smoothen before they have a chance to affect the final outcome. In our endeavor to provide quality material to our customers, we have regular inspection and confirmation procedures of our stocks.

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