Corporate Social Responsibility

As a responsible corporate citizen, SIMAMM is committed to ethical behavior, economic and environmental sustainability, and the well-being of its employees & the communities in which it operates. It believes that improving environmental performance and focusing on sustainability are not only the right things to do – they also present important commercial opportunities that are essential to every company’s customers’ success and growth strategy.

At SIMAMM, we are making changes where we can do the most good looking to improve our products, our packaging and our transportation. We are making great strides in reducing our environmental footprints by implementing practices such as:

SIMAMM commits to a high mtoral standard, hoping to strike the balance between profit and impact alongside our clients and working partners. SIMAMM has also taken initiatives to care for the society and care for the community, aiming at a concerted growth with the society. Keeping that in view it has established its production facility away from urban area in order to preserve local environment.

Over the years, we have made substantial progress on our corporate responsibility goals, but we are not satisfied, and we never should be, with continuous improvement as a guiding principle. We will continue to refine our sound business systems and procedures, which are critical aspects of providing products that enhance our customers’ market success and sustainability goals. We will continue to set environmental, health and safety goals for ourselves to drive ongoing progress in being a responsible corporate citizen.

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