Late Syed Shafiq-UL-Hassan Gillani


In loving remembrance

Thank You

For lighting the path of success for us to embrace and fellow, with knowledge, wisdom, values, and affection, it’s your guiding spirit that has been and will always be the source of inspiration for us.

Forever in our prayers.

CEO Message

We are not new in market; Simamm is new name given by its parent company with the aim that Simamm will focus only on packaging needs of the corporate client across the globe. For over 40 years we have been playing with ink and paper and crafting variant designs for masses. Nevertheless, world is adopting changes very quickly and the need for sustainable and value-added packaging is drastically increasing. Simamm has positioned itself to provide world-class printing, packaging, and branding material in order to help its client in building brand value. The commitment to be distinctive from rest of the printing houses, in terms of quality and consistency

Israr-UL-Hassan Gillani – CEO Simamm